We are Pinq Mango Capital Partners, the world’s first behavioural Investment Bank. We take boutique investment banking to a new level by combining edge finance and banking skills with the latest insights in behavioural science.

Want to reach your true value potential? Research shows that you can benefit from substantial business advantages by putting people first and understanding their deeper motivations. Because most corporate transactions have effectively become commodities, averting failure more than ever depends on the engagement of people instead of the execution of processes. Stakeholder behaviour can either be sand or oil in your machinery, rather than seeing it as an obstacle to overcome, we see it as an opportunity and potent success driver.

Stop leaving value on the table and join us in an open-ended discussion about the future of corporate value creation. Experience our behavioural investment banking solutions and our executive advisory services first hand and be amazed. Like most people you’ll find that we put you first, not the transaction.

The Behavioural Investment Bank